ZION Premieres at Sundance, finished at Jogger NY

ZION, a new documentary short from director Floyd Russ at Tool of NA, enjoyed its premiere at this week’s Sundance Film Festival. A portrait of Zion Clark, a young wrestler born without legs, this powerful short film was finished at Jogger Studios New York by Flame Assistant Matt Dolven. Having worked in finishing for four years, Matt has recently been taking on more projects as a lead artist and was particularly inspired by ZION’s story and the interesting and dynamic way it was told.


Growing up in foster care, nineteen-year-old Zion Clark weighs a mere 88 pounds and is three feet, two inches tall. His parents abandoned him at the hospital and he has spent almost his entire adolescence in different foster homes. Zion refuses to use prosthetics and yet began wrestling in second grade. Competing with kids with legs, the challenge became therapeutic outlet and gave him a sense of family. Moving from foster home to foster home, wrestling became the only consistent thing in his childhood.


“It’s such an inspiring and meaningful story,” says Matt. “Out of all the things I’ve worked on, it was definitely something to feel proud of – it felt important.” ZION was edited at Jogger’s sister-company Cut+Run by award-winning editor Robert Ryang, a frequent collaborator with director Floyd Russ.