Jogger works on BBC’s General Election 2017

Jogger Studios London recently collaborated with our sister company Cut+Run on the BBC’s General Election 2017 campaign – an enormous project spanning seven films that called for eighty-nine different deliverables, localized for all regions. With a one-week turnaround in which to create, shoot and post-produce, the project required a huge team effort from the BBC, Cut+Run, Jogger and the talents at production company Found and Grand Central Studios audio.

The team at Jogger always welcomes the opportunity to work entirely in-house with the editors at Cut+Run, but it’s on projects such as this that our close relationship becomes a vital part of the process. It was essential that three editors were present on the set throughout the three day shoot, which then left just four post-production days in which to finish off the edits, grade, online and apply endboards.



Editors Chris McKay, Nick Armstrong and Matt Prickett at Cut+Run began work on the project on-set. Having all the creative talent under one roof maximised the director and client’s time in the suite and enabled the finishing process to be completed in the fastest possible time – grading could be set by Jogger colourist Yoomin Lee while cutting was still being completed and approved. Once graded, the work was conformed in flame and then delivered; to be aired that day or the day after.

“The schedule on this job was very ambitious as we had to shoot and post seven promos in just one week,” says director Mike Sharpe at Found. “The ability to edit, grade and conform all under one roof was essential and it simply wouldn’t have been possible without the combined talents of Cut & Run and Jogger.” A time-sensitive project such as the BBC’s General Election 2017 is made far more feasible when carried out entirely in-house. The team at Jogger and Cut+Run are delighted that we can help clients and production companies achieve these kinds of goals.